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Welcome to Sand Hill Church of God in Jesus Name

The Sandhill Church of God in Jesus's Name is a pentacostal church whose flock is ministered by Pastor Tommy Ball. It's nestled

 in the mountains of Del Rio , Tennessee bordering the Cherokee National forest.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to teach and preach the true word of God in spirit and in truth in an effort to spread the Gospel to a lost and dying world so that all that will listen can

come to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the only way that one can be saved from their sin and find peace, joy, and a light in the world filled with darkness.

     We also want to help comfort the hurting and help the needy so that others can see the Spirit of God working within us, while striving to be more Christlike everyday.

Sand Hill Church of God in Jesus Name

Sand Hill Church of God in Jesus Name
1000 Old 15th Rd.
Del Rio, TN 37727